Kojo Antwi commends music legends

The Africa’s Music legend and Maestro Kojo Antwi has urged the continent to celebrate those who create music, those who enjoy them and everyone who is involved in music production.

Kojo Antwi celebrates music legends Africa’s music legend and Maestro Kojo Antwi has asked the mainland to commend the individuals who make music, the individuals who appreciate them and each and every individual who is engaged with music creation.

The maestro said both youthful and old performers should be praised in light of the fact that they work to come out with such verses for the satisfaction all.

The music man made the call in a Facebook post to commentate the world music day on June 21.

He stated: “praise to the world’s extraordinary artists, lyricists, arrangers, artists and conductors, makers and all their help engineers, experts, artists and entertainers”.

The maestro said “music is food of love, and I celebrate greats who create lovely and all who enjoy and support our craft and passion”

source: 3news.com

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