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Aboboya riders impregnating our young ladies with Indomie – Chief cries out

The Tufuhene of Daboase in the Wassa East District of the Western Region, Nana Piabo IV, has raised an upsetting alert that teenage pregnancy is on the ascendancy in the area. 

He demonstrated that their checks have, up until this point, uncovered that Pragya and Aboboya riders are the ones who are baiting the juvenile little youngsters with Indomie and takeaway food and sleeping with them with careless and abandon with no assurance.

“What’s going on right presently is that these Pragya and Aboboya riders are utilizing Indomie to captivate these weak young ladies and impregnating them. We have given a few alerts to these riders yet at the same time nothing is evolving. We have conveyed a few battles trying to stop this pattern however someway some way or another the young ladies go to them.

“… it will intrigue you to realize that these young ladies are matured between 13 to 16 years,” he uncovered.

Aboboyaa drivers impregnating our girls with indomie - chief voice outAddressing correspondents at Daboase, Nana Piabo IV showed that the customary authority had a go at founding shared laws to assist manage social indecencies nearby however have not been effective.

“We have numerous common laws particularly to make preparations for specific exercises of youngsters yet we are not getting the partnership of guardians.

“The guardians are making things troublesome in this way delivering the laws ineffectual. For instance, we have said that kids under 18 years ought not go to a burial service and we were anticipating that parents should assist us with authorizing this however we are not seeing any responsibility from them.”

As per the Tufuhene, what they have additionally acknowledged is that there is a breakdown in parental control because of destitution.

“What we have seen is that there is a breakdown in parental control because of destitution. A decent number of the guardians can’t battle for themselves not to mention add their kids. Consequently, they are not annoyed if their youngsters return home to rest or not. The kids are frequently left to battle for themselves thus they respond to the call. In this state, they become helpless and are handily attracted by these young men.”

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