Kanye West is no more – that is, in the event that he gets everything he might want, and an appointed authority awards him an authority name change … to something significantly more forthright.

KW just documented legitimate docs in L.A. … requesting that a court give him another moniker in the books – going from Kanye Omari West to just, “Ye.” Yes, the epithet he’s passed by for quite a long time now … man needs that to be what Uncle Sam knows him by going ahead.

Hazy what may go into the audit interaction for this … in any case, it appears to be quite clear. On the off chance that an adjudicator closes down, Kanye as you probably are aware him is a goner. It’ll be all Ye … the entire day. Truth is, in California, except if there’s proof a name change is intended to submit extortion or different trickeries … the adjudicator will endorse it. Along these lines, this will get a close down by the appointed authority.

Kanye West files to legally change his nameIt’s fascinating – Kanye likewise needs to drop the “West” from his persona inside and out as well … which is somewhat odd, thinking about he’s shown pride in his family legacy – and has regularly even called himself (both face to face and in tune) Mr. West. That also will be nixed in the event that he gets the green light.

Adequately interesting … Kim actually has “West” in her own last name – this after the couple sought legal separation.

Appears as though he’s over the Association too. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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