Scammers hoodwinks Kennedy Agyapong GHc 7 million

Kennedy Agyapong is currently griping that he has been hoodwinked by someone in particular he worked with.

As per him, the individual is a youngster, around 39-year old however he had the guts to hoodwink him, a 61-year elderly person.

He promised that he will obliterate the matter of this individual before the NPP leaves power.

Whiles talking on his NET 2 TV, he said that he ahd given the person 7 million cedis to get a few machines for him yet he has departed suddenly.

In a way that would sound natural to him;

Do you see why Ghana doesn’t create? I will make a move and I don’t mind since I will not allow him to underestimate me ever. It harms me that the young men figured out how to cheat me. I will annihilate them. Regardless of whether they pay or they don’t pay

I disclosed to you that I purchased machines worth 7 million dollars for some respectable man. They undermined me. They actually haven’t changed. Their opportunity will come. My message to them is the point at which I was giving you the 7 million to purchase those ordinance machines, in case that was all I was left with, I wouldn’t have purchased those machines for you.

What even damages me is that a 39-year-old kid would swindle me a 61-year elderly person. Furthermore, the move I need to make, individuals are as yet asking.

I’m sharing this guide to tell you it is difficult for me yet I am transcending the event. I won’t let this 7,000,000 stop my aspirations. I’m actually contributing.

source: Benonyx.com

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