Drake Tells J. Cole He’s ‘Probably the best rapper to Ever Touch a Mic,’ Addresses “Heaven’s EP” ‘Bronze’ Line

Drake wasn’t going to “Quiet down” when he hit the stage with J. Cole Friday night in Miami.

Drake Tells J. Cole He's 'Probably the best rapper to Ever Touch a Mic,' Addresses "Heaven's EP" 'Bronze' LineDuring the initial stop of Cole’s The Off-Season Tour, the rapper welcomed Drizzy and Future in front of an audience with him for an exhibition of their No. 1 hit “Way 2 Sexy.” Afterwards, Drake took the second to give Cole his blossoms.

“I gotta say this ’cause I don’t generally want to have a genuine second when we’re in front of an audience together,” Drake says around the 3:30-sign of the clasp above. “You know, you did that ‘Line Down’ free-form a few days ago. You was sayin’ in the free-form that they gave you the bronze or whatever, me and Kendrick [Lamar]…I simply need you to get something. You are really, unmistakably, perhaps the best rapper to at any point contact a mic.”

Drake was obviously alluding to the week before’s “Paradise’s EP” free-form, where Cole rapped that, “Certain individuals say that I’m running third, they tossed the bronze at me/Behind Drake and Dot, no doubt, them n***as is hotshots to me.”

“I simply need to tell you, there’s an excessive number of individuals on the planet that think and realize that Cole is in the top position,” “I love you with my entire being, you’re my sibling, one of my #1 specialists. Continuously like you having me over here.”

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